ACS Pentas (Asia) Sdn Bhd is the owner and operator of website.

This web site offers e-commerce marketplace for Auto Spare Parts Trading through the provision of:

  1. Hosting of a database of genuine Auto Spare Parts from Franchised Brand Dealers
  2. Registration of buyers and maintenance of the Buyer Profiles
  3. Search functions for specific brands and their parts
  4. Order processing and inventory management
  5. Payment gateway services to make payments

When a person subscribes to, they will be given access to a specific level of purchasing based on profile of the Buyer registration. During the period of approved registration, the user is entitled to access the Parts Database and pricing specific to their Buyer Profile. Discounts and delivery charges etc., varies based on this profile. Fulfillment will be based on Buyers preferred mode of delivery and/or selected from options provided for specific territories. We shall ensure to resolve any technical and customer service issues within 3 working days of reporting and acceptance on our behalf.

For all Buyers the following shall be applicable:

  • Shipping in Bulk within 3 working days within Klang Valley and 5 Working Days within West Malaysia;
  • All other territories shipping schedules will be based on agreed dates and charges.
  • Buyer may provide their own pickup in which case shipping and delivery schedules may not apply.
  • ACS Pentas Asia will bear all delivery liabilities if shipping is undertaken by them.
  • Buyer will undertake all delivery liabilities if they provide their own Pick-up.